2018 Gulfport Sports Hall of Fame: Gary Holliman of the 40-0 Commodores 1974-'75 team

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gary Holliman was a play maker on one of the all-time great high school basketball teams in the state, the undefeated 1974-'75 Gulfport Commodores that ran off 40 consecutive wins under legendary head coach Bert Jenkins.

Holliman said, "We were taught discipline.  We were taught how important education was being a student-athlete and doing that time of our 40 and 0 team we got a lot of support from our community.  That's why I try to give back to my community and right now I'm part of the Admiral basketball team where I am President of the booster club."

Holliman says that undefeated team was led by big men..Bobby Jones and Ray White. Jones signed a scholarship with Michigan and White played at Mississippi State.  Other players also contributed to the Commodores success.

"We had Augusta Harvey, we had Edward Handy, we had Ray Gilner, and Frank Bertucci, but we had a close knit bound on that championship team and we always kept in contact.

In his three years of high school basketball...Holliman and his teammates lost only 5 games.  In 1976 Holliman received a scholarship to Xavier University in New Orleans and played four years for the Gold Rush.

Holliman also ran track at Gulfport High...under the leadership of head coach Prince Jones.

"I think what makes me feel good today is athletes like Holliman are successful adults, a successful parent, "said Jones.  "I love to see he goes to church.  He's involved in the community and it just make me feel good that I had a hand on him."

Gary Holliman a member of the Gulfport Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2018.

The 2018 Gulfport Sports Hall of Fame gets underway 6 p.m. Saturday at the Lyman Community Center.

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