Potential for another round of rain this evening

Potential for another round of rain this evening
Incredible double lightning bolt seen by the port in Gulfport, MS
Incredible double lightning bolt seen by the port in Gulfport, MS

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Tuesday has been off to a wet start across parts of South Mississippi. But, some breaks in the rain have formed. The sun is even shining across parts of the area heading into the second part of the day.

A range of quarter-inch to one inch rainfall has occurred across parts of South Mississippi, according to rainfall reports from early Tuesday afternoon.

There looks to be more rain on the way for the rest of Tuesday, according to an afternoon update to the local forecast.

"There will be some breaks in the rain this afternoon," said WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams on Tuesday afternoon. "But, there could be more wet weather later this evening for the evening drive."

"Remember, often when it rains a lot in the morning, that means that the storms that try to fire up later in the day are usually not as strong because most of the energy in the atmosphere has been used up already by the morning storms," Williams continued. "So, maybe this evening's storms won't be as strong as this morning's because of that. Still, roads could be wet if we get a few evening showers."

A Marginal Risk (threat level of 1, on a scale of 1 up to 5) for severe storms continues on Tuesday. If any severe damaging weather occurs, the main threat would be strong wind gusts topping 40 miles per hour.

"Some will see rain and storms, but few if any will see severe damaging weather on Tuesday in South Mississippi," said Williams. :Many storms will be capable of disruptive threats like frequent lightning strikes and locally heavy rainfall; overall, storms will probably be more disruptive than destructive for us."

Projected rainfall amounts for South Mississippi on Tuesday range from a half-inch to two inches. Heavy downpours could lead to localized street flooding in some isolated areas.

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