Students learn character traits at Harrison County camp

Students learn character traits at Harrison County camp

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Law enforcement is working to instill positive values into the lives of young people in Harrison County.

The kids are in for seven weeks of fun, but the Harrison County Sheriff's Department hopes they'll end their summer at BRAVE camp with some important character lessons, as well.

"Sheriff Peterson said instead of teaching the children things not to do, we want to teach them what to do," said Lieutenant Rob Lincoln.

For starters, BRAVE actually stands for Bullying Resistance and Anti-Violence Education. These sheriff's deputies spent their summer at West Wortham Elementary in Saucier driving home a message that will help students be good people. "Every week we take a character trait and harp on that trait and that's what we're trying to instill in these kids," said Lincoln.

First up is Respect. The kids learned the trait lessons through crafts, physical activity, words of encouragement and other character-based training.

"You have to show responsibility and you can't really do anything bad," said camper, Madeline Peterson. Nevaehlee Necaise agreed, "respect comes in handy especially when you don't know somebody and you don't know them personally."

Necaise is in her first year at the camp. She thinks the valuable lessons learned there can be used at home, school, and even into adulthood. "It's always good to treat people with respect because they'll eventually treat you the same way you treat them," said Necaise.
Lincoln said the camp started eight years ago with less than 20 kids. It has since expanded help than 100 kids build the confidence it takes to be BRAVE.

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