Antique memorabilia for sale or trade at Gas, Oil, and Advertisement Show

Antique memorabilia for sale or trade at Gas, Oil, and Advertisement Show

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - This is the second year Stefond Seago has helped organize the Mississippi Gulf Coast Gas, Oil, and Advertisement Show, and this year is expected to be much bigger than the first.

It's a treasure hunter's paradise, and they come from all over.

"We've got people from Arkansas. We've got people from Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida, all around," said Seago. "I did this last year over at the Joppa Shrine Club in Biloxi, and we sold it out. So, we had vendors ask us for a bigger venue. So, we moved it over here, and it looks like it's going to be pretty big for us."

For vendors like David Staglik and Mike Ginn, the reasons for coming to shows like this may differ.

"It started out as a hobby, and I started getting a big customer base. And now I've turned it into a full-time business," Staglik said.

"Get to meet a lot of nice guys," said Ginn. "Families come to these. You get some good deals on whatever you happen to collect, and you can sell your stuff you don't collect."

Staglik enjoys the historical aspect of it.

"Some of these signs over here, the thirty-inch Pennzoil and the thirty-inch Valvoline, those are back from the 1930s," he said. "A lot of the signs do not have their ring, and their post, and the cast iron base anymore because so many of those were scrapped out for the war effort to build the ships, the tanks, the jeeps, the half-tracks."

For many, collecting is a hobby they can share with their families. But for some of these dealers, it's a way of life.

"This is a tight little community that travels all over the United States to these shows because they love the gas, oil, petroleum and a lot of people make their living and do nothing but this," Seago said.

And while the show is going on, the families get a chance to check out the coast.

"We went down to the beach yesterday and looked around a little bit," said Ginn. "My wife and daughter are down there in Biloxi gambling at one of the casinos right now so it's win-win for her."

The event is being held at the Harrison County Fairgrounds and runs from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, with a car show happening from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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