Officials: Landlords Can Not Evict Residents

Everyday we take dozens of calls from people who say their landlords are demanding rent and threatening to evict them from their apartments and homes. The Harrison County Emergency Operations Center is getting the same calls.

At Saturday morning's briefing, Director Joe Spraggins talked about those concerns.

"We have nowhere for them to go, number one, and we're hunting places for people to live. So help us work through this situation and we will work with you. I know that it's a tough time for the landlords, the owners and the people who are living there, but work with us and we will probably be able to take this thing to a resolution that everybody will be happy," Spraggins said.

"The people out there are calling me saying there's an eviction notice on my door. If it's because the building is not inhabitable, that's an understandable thing, and we'll work with you and try to help you. But if it's just to evacuate you, I can promise you we'll go all the way to the Attorney General to stop it. I'm not going to let people be put out on the street for no reason."

The Attorney General's Office is investigating reports of apartment managers evicting people and raising rents.