Boaters take to the water for Memorial Day

Boaters take to the water for Memorial Day
Despite a storm prediction that pushed away many visitors, Coast boat rental companies say business was good on Memorial Day Weekend. (Photo Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - When the weather's right, you're pretty much guaranteed to see boats on the water.

The past weekend's forecast that tracked subtropical storm Alberto scared many of them away, but according to one boat rental company, business was actually looking good.

"It's been pretty busy. We have three pontoon rentals out today and we had four yesterday just back to back," said J.P. Rutland, with SeaTow.

Rutland gives boaters safety rundowns before they hit the water. "We teach them trim button, different parts of the motor, the cowling, the prop. Then teach them this is in gear, reverse, neutral and then we go over the life jackets for them," he said.

Casey Rivera and his family decided to come down and rent a boat despite the forecast. "We watched it pretty close and you know what it was planned we were ready to do it and we were going to have fun either way," said Rivera.

It turned out to be fantastic conditions to take a rental boat for a spin. Others were taking their kayaks for a cruise. "It's great weather. Nice time to be out on the water. Real comfortable. Go get a tan," Theron Engle noted.

Engle made sure he was staying safe while paddling. He said, "You always want to make sure you have a life jacket on the boat at all times in case something does happen."

Robert Stokes made sure his boat was safe and ready for an outing before taking it out on the sound over the weekend. He watched the weather pretty closely and was glad it cooperated for a trip to one of his favorite places.

"I've been all over the country. We've been to San Diego, Key West, all over Florida. If you want to come somewhere and maximize your dollar spent for how much fun you can have, Biloxi's a great place. I love Biloxi," said Stokes.

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