People enjoy a Saturday outdoors before Alberto arrives

People enjoy a Saturday outdoors before Alberto arrives
People watch as kite surfers move along the water (Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The new Finishline Performance Karting race track in Biloxi saw massive crowds for its grand opening weekend. People couldn't wait to get behind the wheel and race in front of the beach. The track's general manager said even a little drizzle couldn't slow things down.

"We're just going day by day and see what the weather does. It changes very quickly, obviously," said GM Colby Yardley. "So, we're going to run. Even if it rains we're going to be running. Lightning is the big thing that'll shut the track down. So if lightning is close, we will shut down. But we will run through the rain."

Further out on the beach, kite surfers could be seen taking full advantage of the wind blowing in from offshore.

"We love it. You know, we were surprised some more of our friends weren't down here. But we were thinking it's going to be raining and no wind, so this is great," said kite surfer Tommy Wittmann.

It was a great day to just be out and soak up the warm sun rays.

"We went to the beach this morning because we thought it was gonna rain all afternoon and it just spit rain this morning. But we just sat through it now we have this gorgeous afternoon, so we feel like that was a reward. So it's great we're delighted," said Geales Sands, a visitor from South Carolina.

Saturday in Biloxi was literally the calm before the storm. Everyone is still keeping a close eye on where Alberto is headed, and just trying to enjoy the good weather as long as it lasts.

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