Biloxi crews clear ditches, secure heavy equipment ahead of Alberto

Biloxi crews clear ditches, secure heavy equipment ahead of Alberto
A drain in East Biloxi. (Photo source: WLOX News)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Friday afternoon, the City of Biloxi issued a state of emergency ahead of Alberto. City crews and the contractor for Biloxi's infrastructure project spent the day preparing for the expected weather system. Drains, culverts, and ditches were cleared by Biloxi Public Works crews in anticipation of heavy rains.

"If the conditions get to where they're bad, the mayor can make the decisions for overtime to get certain workers out to make certain moves in the city," said Biloxi Councilman Nathan Barrett.

Boat owners with vessels at city harbors have been asked to secure their boats. Owner of charter boat "Miss Hospitality," Kenny Barhanovich, said his boat is secure as it can be, but he may still end up moving it.

Some of the boat owners we spoke to said if the weather is bad enough they will move their vessels to a safe location called Hurricane Hole until the storm passes.

"If you got 65-mile per hour winds, what they're predicting, you don't want to be in this harbor. If it goes to the east of us or the west of us, we're in trouble. We're going to have a high tide," said Barhanovich.

City leaders said they are particularly worried about Woolmarket since drainage issues are already a problem in Woolmarket.

"The big thing in a storm like this is going to be the rain. In Woolmarket especially, some areas that pose a big problem. We have some flooding issues and major drainage issues in some areas of Woolmarket. And so we want to tell all the residents in Ward 7 and all throughout the city to stay inside unless you have to get out on the roads," said Barrett.

Officials said crews with Oscar Rena, the contractor over the city's massive infrastructure project, spent the day securing all equipment.

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