Revitalization work on Courthouse Rd passes halfway point

Revitalization work on Courthouse Rd passes halfway point
Work on Courthouse Rd expected to finish in October

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - It's been nearly a year into improvement work on Courthouse Road in Gulfport. While construction is still evident, work is progressing.

"It's just everybody's just anxious to have it done," said business owner Patti Schankin. "We're tired of living in a construction zone."

Business owners in the area believe while it's a nuisance, it's unavoidable.

"Aside from the dust and like I said being under construction, you know that's been a hassle," Schankin said. "But, you know, nothing that we can't live with."

"They're not complaining about the construction. They are ready for it to be over," said Leslie Calvert, who works on Courthouse Rd.

The $5 million revitalization project stretching from Highway 90 north to Pass Road will include new medians, sidewalks and lighting. That's something Calvert thinks is worth the hassle.

"I think that's with anything that you do," said Calvert. "Once you start construction on something, the process is always harder than, of course, the final. Everything's going to be better in the end."

Schankin is excited to see the completed project.

"We're just so excited to have it done," Schankin said. "It's going to be beautiful. We've seen all the plans, and everybody's been very good with staying in contact with us."

Both Schankin and Calvert believe this project will be a big boost to business in the long run.

"More people coming and seeing and shopping here locally," said Schankin.

"Courthouse road is a very busy popular area," Calvert said. "We have a lot of businesses down here, and any expansion of Courthouse is definitely going to be beneficial."

City of Gulfport Engineer Kris Riemann says the project is now 55% complete, and barring any weather delays, should be finished in October.

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