Jackson County homeschool group moves to Pascagoula

Jackson County homeschool group moves to Pascagoula

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - On Tuesday, Jackson County homeschool students and their parents got a tour of the new place they'll meet up weekly next school year.

Classical Conversations is a nationwide Christian-based homeschool community. In South Mississippi, it's a group that is seeing tremendous growth as more parents decide to homeschool their children. Because of that growth, it'll be moving its meeting space from First Baptist Church in Vancleave to First Baptist Church of Pascagoula.

Homeschoolers got a chance to check out their new home next year. It's a place they'll meet up once a week as part of Classical Conversations.

"This is where we're going to be next year and then we're going to come in and have ice cream sundaes," said Andrea White, who is the New Foundations and Essentials Director.

Parents said the once-a-week meet-up provides so much to not just the students, but also themselves.

"It's important because, as a mom, I know I need accountability to stay on track," said Amy Arrington, the upcoming Director of Challenge for Classical Conversations. "And I know that students need accountability, too. So they're not just answering to mom."

She said the faith-based homeschooling group allows parents to network with one another and allows kids to socialize. The group also includes tutors who give homeschoolers assignments to be completed.

White says the program has allowed her child to come out of her shell.

"We've been in Classical Conversations for three years now," said White. "I started out when my daughter was in kindergarten and I love it."

Fifteen families are currently part of the group, which caters to grades 4th through 7th.

"The Christian curriculum and the Christian atmosphere of this is right in line with what we as a church believe in and support," said Dr. Jay Cook, the pastor at First Baptist Church of Pascagoula.

The group is looking to expand its members. If you are the parent of a homeschooler, you can contact First Baptist Church of Pascagoula at (228) 762-2343 for more details. In June, free courses will be offered to parents interested in learning more about homeschooling.

For more information on the Classical Conversations curriculum, check out their website by clicking HERE.

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