I-10 Sees More Construction

The work on a new six lane bridge over the Jourdan River has intensified. The multi million dollar project also calls for building 2 mile stretch of six lanes on I-10 from Highway 603 to the Diamondhead exist. For drivers, the project will mean some detours and construction delays.

Construction crews are in the first phase of the three phase project. Right now, workers are doing the ground work for the new six lane bridge by driving concrete pilings and expanding the shoulders of the interstate. Project Superintendent Lynn Cox said "Everything is progressing real well. The weather has been real good to us we've had a few rains but we've managed to work around those." Cox says the project is on schedule and has progressed without any major traffic incidences and he'd like to keep it that way.

After the 4th of July workers will be taking the East bound lane and shifting them to the outside. This will create an extra lane to give workers room to work in the middle. The West bound lane is in it's position until sometime later next year so there will be very little interruption in the West bound.

Construction leaders say drivers as well as boaters should exercise caution around their work site. "The Jourdan River is full of jet skis and water skiers , hydro slides and we're just trying to be cautions so nobody ends up hitting a barge cause their not use to all the congestion in the river right where the bridge is. There is a no wake zone set up by the Coast Guard 500 feet North and South of the Bridge and I know they are writing tickets so please slow down," said Cox.

The 48-million dollar project is expected to be complete in the fall of 2003.