Sheriffs arrest armed suspect cameras caught breaking into home

Sheriffs arrest armed suspect cameras caught breaking into home
(Photo Source: George County Sheriff's Office)

LUCEDALE, MS (WLOX) - The George County Sheriff's Office arrested a suspect who was caught on camera trying to break into a Lucedale home.

Officials say the suspect goes by the names of Jacob Mathews or Jacob Perry. The man was arrested at his home without incident. According to Sheriff Havard, the man was likely trying to get money to fund his opioid addiction.

On May 21, a little after midnight, the George County Sheriff's Office responded to reports of auto burglary and attempted residential burglary at a home on Highway 63 in Lucedale. The homeowners were able to get surveillance video of a shirtless man holding what seems to be a gun at the front door. 

The video shows the suspect toying around with the gun's functions before peering into the window. He can be seen reaching for the door's handle and opening up the first screen door, then closing it.

Anyone with information concerning any crime is encouraged to contact Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers at or by calling (877) 787-5898.

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