Biloxi Renovates Theater While Preserving Its Historic Nature.

Construction is on-going at a Biloxi landmark. Right now crews are in the second phase of improvement work being done at the Saenger Theater in downtown Biloxi. Construction workers are renovating the theatre's two bathrooms and putting in three larger ones. The work is needed because there are not enough bathrooms for the theater's seating capacity. They're also working on the building's sprinkler system and the heating and air conditioning system. The city is spending more than 400-thousand dollars on improvements to the theatre. Officials say it's not an easy task to bring a building constructed in the 1920s up to today's code standards without compromising its architectural integrity.

Vincent Creel, Biloxi's public affairs director said "Frankly the theater has required a lot of work just because it is an aging building, but since it is on the register of historic places we want to do everything that we can."

City officials say they eventually plan to look at upgrading other aspects of the theatre like seating and backstage areas. Because of the renovations only one performance will be held at the Saenger until mid-October.