Ocean Springs Business Steady

Good prices and a good selection of fresh fruit and vegetables makes Ocean Springs newest business the most popular one too.  Rebecca Stokes of  Vancleave says "Oh, I like it. I usually go over to Point Cadet and I didn't even know this was here and I drove by and I said well I'll just come in here but I like it cause I like fresh vegetables a lot better." That's why the Courtney family of George County decided to open a produce market in Ocean Springs, near the busy Washington Avenue/Highway 90 intersection. Owner Jane Anne Courtney says, "We saw and they expressed a desire to have a produce market here in their town and our family has the produce. We grow a lot of the produce ourselves, some we have to buy and we decided we'd like to bring our fresh produce down to them."

The produce market is one of many new businesses opening in Ocean Springs. Just down the street is a string of shops that will soon open as retail businesses.  Next door, realtor Pat Harrington is adding several hundred square feet to her own office. Harrington says Ocean Springs is the place to build and live. "Everybody wants to live here because they wanna send their children to Ocean Springs Schools, they have a wonderful reputation and it's well deserved and we see too a lot of people retiring from Florida. Florida's crowded and they like the Mississippi Coast." Harrington says as more people move to the Coast, and particularly Ocean Springs, there will be more need for businesses like the produce market.

Meanwhile, Courtney says they're happy to be in business in Ocean Springs and her customers are happy to have another place to shop in Ocean Springs.