Man who barely escapes fatal crash shares his harrowing story

Man who barely escapes fatal crash shares his harrowing story
Joey Slamans says he's lucky to be alive (Source: WLOX)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - What was supposed to be a normal drive home on Friday afternoon instantly took a turn for the worst for Joey Slamans and his son.

"As we were getting off the exit, I seen in the truck out of the corner of my eye just meet with the 18 wheeler, and all hell just broke loose," said Slamans, "It just started flipping."

Slamans was right behind that pick-up truck before it collided with an 18-wheeler in the eastbound lanes on Interstate 10. He says he and his 8-year-old son barely missed the fatal crash. The pick-up truck dented the hood of his car.

"Whenever it was flipping it came to rest right as we were coming and we like met as soon as it came to rest. It kind of hit the top of the car and flipped on its wheels," said Slamans.

He and his son went to the hospital but didn't suffer serious injuries. "Sore...just whiplash, or whatever they call it."

However, the scars from what he saw that day may take the longest to heal. "I feel horrible for that man. I don't know what happened, what caused the wreck for him to switch lanes so quick to meet with 18 wheeler, but it was horrible to see something like that, to see him laying on the side of the road in the grass," Slamans said.

Slamans says that he'll continue praying for the victim's family and stays grateful that he lived to see another day. "We're very lucky. I'm lucky that I seen it when it happened and braked because if I wouldn't have paid attention, that truck would've rolled right over top of us," said Slamans.

His car is is decent condition, but requires a few repairs under the hood.

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