Teenager continues recovery two years after pit bull attack

Teenager continues recovery two years after pit bull attack

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Following a pair of violent pit bull attacks on the Coast this week, WLOX reached out to the family of Jaxon Ronsonet.

The 15- year old was attacked by a pit bull in 2016 while protecting his little brother and lost his leg as a result. Now, two years later his recovery is still ongoing.

When his little brother was in trouble, Jaxon rushed in, and the brothers share a bond that can't be broken. 

"Me and my brother are two peas in a pod," Jaxon said. "We love each other to death."

Saving his brother cost Jaxon his leg, since the time of the rescue his mother Tiffany Ronsonet has watched Jaxon's journey

"I couldn't be more proud of him if he had been sent off to war and come back a decorated war hero because in my eyes, he is a soldier," Tiffany said.  

The initial effort to fit Jaxon with a prosthetic leg failed, but his determination continues. 

"I go to physical therapy three times a week, and I'm doing good in there," said Jaxon. 

Doctors are using new technology in working with Jaxon to get a new prosthetic, and he is making progress. 

"We've finally gotten his knee to where it can flex out to 100% flexibility, which is a good thing as far as being able to wear a prosthetic is concerned," Tiffany Ronsonet said. 

The death of a Gulfport woman earlier this week as a result of a pit bull attack was an unfortunate reminder of what Jaxon encountered. Tiffany hopes another family won't have to suffer these kinds of attacks. 

"Stricter laws and stricter punishments need to be enforced against these owners," Tiffany said. 

Jaxon is finishing his junior year in high school, and a clear goal is in sight going into his senior year. 

"My goal as of now is to get him up and out of his wheelchair and walking on a prosthetic," Tiffany said. "I would love nothing more than to see my son walk across the stage to receive his diploma next year."

Jaxon is scheduled to return to New Orleans next month when medical professionals will take more measurements and start the prosthetic construction process.

A family has created a Go Fund Me page to help pay for Jaxon's medical cost.

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