Supervisors hoping for safety improvements at Harrison Co. interstate exit

Supervisors hoping for safety improvements at Harrison Co. interstate exit

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Right now, a busy Harrison County interstate exit is at the center of a plan to increase safety, but, some people say the plan is taking too long.

The County Farm Road exit off I-10 sees an average of 11,000 vehicles a day. According to some of the residents who drive through it, it needs some updating.

"I've seen a lot of close calls, and they won't put a red light up," said Schruff.

Schruff lives just up the road from the interstate, and he says it's not a good set up.

"Semis come off and go straight to Beatline without yielding to anybody," he said.

Similar stories have been coming across the desk of supervisor Marlin Ladner for a while now. He said he's seen how bad the traffic can get with just the stop and yield signs controlling the traffic flow on and off the interstate.

He's voiced his concern to the Department of Transportation in an effort to get something done.

"I called Commissioner King and informed him of the complaints I was getting, and he was aware of it, as well, as I was about the traffic condition and the dangers that exist out there," said Ladner.
He and the board passed a resolution ten months ago requesting a study be done to possibly add a traffic light at the busy intersections, similar to the one at Canal Road.

We called MDOT to check on the status of improvement in the area. A spokesperson told us the project is on the radar, but funding and where it lies on a list of priorities is the issue.
Ladner said he hopes the delay doesn't lead to anything that can't be reversed.

"If something's not done, hopefully, God forbid, somebody doesn't get seriously hurt or killed out there," said Ladner.

Right now, there aren't any estimates of what a project like this would cost yet.

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