Drivers want a fix for Landon Road's traffic problem

Drivers want a fix for Landon Road's traffic problem
City of Gulfport moving forward with Landon Rd widening project

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Motorists have been dealing with an unusual and narrow traffic pattern with on Landon Road in Gulfport for years.

Many say it's the cause of constant traffic congestion. "It gets pretty hefty around, in between five to seven," said Gulfport resident Meldonis Scarborough.

The addition of new businesses in the area over the past few years has added to problem. "It's a lot worse and it's backed up all throughout the day," said Gulfport resident Katelyn Lamberth.

In 2017, the city of Gulfport, and Harrison County presented MDOT with a plan to widen Landon Road from Highway 49 to 34th Avenue.

According to city engineer Kris Riemann, the city's portion of that project is still on pace to happen in 2019. The next step in the process is to hire an contractor to design the project. That portion of the project will only widen the road to Coleman Avenue. From Coleman to 34th Avenue would be the county's responsibility.

Another project the city is considering is connecting Daniel Blvd. to the Frontage Road north of I-10. Riemann says that would allow another route of travel for patrons of the new restaurants and hotels in that area.

Right now, drivers believe any change is good change. "I think it would help with the flow of traffic," Scarborough said. "I think it would run more fluidly."

"The traffic is getting worse and worse. I think anything to improve that would be better to help this traffic right here," said Lamberth.

Lamberth also thinks a new traffic light at Landon and Old Highway 49 might help. "In any way, whether that's new roads or whatever," she said. "A better light system would help."

The Landon road widening project is estimated to cost about $5 million. The City of Gulfport would pay 20 percent of that cost.

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