Afroman agrees to pay fan he punched on stage at Biloxi concert

Afroman agrees to pay fan he punched on stage at Biloxi concert

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A settlement, not a trial, will put an end to the negligence and defamation lawsuit against rapper Afroman, who pleaded guilty of punching a woman in the face at a Biloxi nightclub.  The incident happened on Mardi Gras 2015 at Kress Live in Biloxi where Joseph Edgar Foreman, better known as Afroman, was performing.

Foreman pleaded guilty to assaulting Florida visitor Haley Byrd during the concert. Byrd filed a civil lawsuit against the rapper and the nightclub, seeking damages for her injuries. The suit also alleges Foreman defamed her by writing and publishing a song about the assault entitled "Stay off the Stage."

The lawsuit says the rapper admitted "Stay off the Stage" was about Byrd and claims libel and slander through the song.

The YouTube video has been viewed more than 4 million times. The lyrics listed in court documents include curse words, references to sex acts and phrases like "gold digging hoe" and "go be a stripper."

Starting May 1, 2018, Foreman must pay Byrd a total of $65,000. The payments will be at a rate of $10,000 a month and must be paid no later than the first day of the month. If he defaults and doesn't pay the plaintiff by the due date, the judgment will be increased to $125,000, plus interest.

Foreman also agrees not to disparage, slander, libel, or mention the plaintiff "in any negative way either publically or privately or by way of song or lyric, directly or indirectly in any manner whatsoever." Doing so would be considered a default of the agreed judgment, and the payments would increase to $125,000.

Haley Byrd's attorney said his client already settled the case with Kress Live.

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