Mississippi National Guardsmen train in case of deployment

Mississippi National Guardsmen train in case of deployment

CAMP SHELBY, MS (WLOX) - Hundreds of Mississippi National Guardsmen from Gulfport's 890th Engineer Battalion are fine-tuning their deployment skills at this month.

The guardsmen are spending several weeks at Camp Shelby as part of their annual training. The exercises performed during training help keep them prepared at all times in case they are called to deploy overseas.

Included among the 300 soldiers who are participating in the training are mechanics, carpenters, demolition experts, and more, all of whom are honing their skills with specialized training.

Leaders of the 890th say it's crucial that the national guardsmen attend this in-depth session each year.

"It's very important to what the National Guard does," said the battalion's executive officer Capt. Jason Cowan. "Without this time for everybody to come together and train collectively as a team, and enhance those skills, that's what makes us successful when we get called on to deploy."

The soldiers of the 890th Engineer Battalion are also participating in exercises designed to strengthen their combat skills.

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