Trash pickup slowing down in Jackson County

Trash pickup slowing down in Jackson County
Some Jackson County residents are frustrated after their trash wasn't picked up for more than a week. (photo source: WLOX)
Some Jackson County residents are frustrated after their trash wasn't picked up for more than a week. (photo source: WLOX)

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Residents in Ocean Springs have seen a drop in how often their trash is being picked up, and they aren't alone. It's a countywide problem.

Angel Taylor lives on North 8th Street in Ocean Springs. It's one of several streets where trash is piling up.

"They finally came and picked it up yesterday, but at that point, it'd been sitting there for nine days," Taylor said.  "The frustration for me is that they picked up everybody else's trash except for our street."

Angel said flies are now swarming in her yard from the overflow of garbage. With two small children, she said it's unacceptable.

"We have animals that live here that have to have sanitary things that we have to throw away," she said.

Randy Bosarge with Jackson County says the contract with the current company, Waste Pro, ends at the end of June. Waste Management will take over beginning July 1.

"The current garbage contractor has lost drivers to the new garbage contractor," explained Bosarge. "So, therefore it's made them that further behind, is what they tell us. We only have about six more weeks of this issue."

Six weeks or one day, residents are frustrated. Randy said this issue with on-time garbage pickup has been a problem for about a year. The county had to wait until Waste Pro's contract ended to bid out and hire a new company. Still, it's a move that some still find frustrating.

"Our trash and stuff is put into our mortgage, which means whether they pick up our trash or not, they're still going to get paid," Angel added.

Residents who were left out of the trash pickup rotation the last couple of weeks will not be refunded any money.

Randy said the contract with Waste Management will cost the county more money, but that won't trickle down to residents. He's asking those affected by the switch to be patient.

WLOX did reach out to Waste Pro. Ron Pecora with the company's corporate office in Orlando said local crews have gotten back up to speed on collecting trash and are running less than a day behind. He said they will be fully up to date by Friday.

On Waste Management hiring Waste Pro employees, Pecora said, "It's not unusual for a new company coming in to recruit from the old company."

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