Dry conditions spark wildfires in South Mississippi

Dry conditions spark wildfires in South Mississippi
Dry and warm conditions are sparking fires in the area (Source: WLOX)

(WLOX) - Several fires burned across South Mississippi in a matter of days.

It took fire boats hours to put out a blaze on Deer Island last Sunday. Crews jumped in quickly to tackle flames engulfing a trailer in Pearl River County over the weekend.

As we get more into the drier and warmer months, Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan says there are things you should be doing to keep yourself in the clear.

"Look around your house and find things you might can do if you live in a vegetated area. If you live in an area where the woods come up to the house, make sure there's some distance between the woods and your home so that if you do have a woods fire, , you have a chance to keep it off of your home," said Sullivan.

Since Friday, 27 wildfires have burned 361 acres of land statewide. If you're going to barbecue or build a bonfire, you need to pay attention to the weather.

"It may not be any wind when you start the fire, but you need to know what the anticipated wind will be like throughout the day. You can start working on it in the morning and by the afternoon it can be blowing pretty significantly. That blows the embers all over the dry ground and that starts fires," added Sullivan.

It's been a few days since we've had steady rainfall.

Some may think that a couple of inches of rain will fix things, but according to the State Forestry Commission's Fire Chief, Ralph Giachelli, "It's not about the amount as much as it is about the duration and frequency of the rain. Several days of soaking rain give us the best chance of recovery from drought conditions. There is a decent chance for rain next week and the relative humidity is forecasted to increase, which will help wildfire conditions."

Rain is expected to make its way to the Coast later this week.

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