Families enjoy Mother's Day breakfast

Families enjoy Mother's Day breakfast
Carson and Leah show their Mother's Day cards at Port City Cafe (photo source: WLOX)
Port City Cafe in Biloxi (photo source: WLOX)
Port City Cafe in Biloxi (photo source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (AP) - Whether they were eating breakfast or holding off for a late-morning brunch, moms across South Mississippi began this Mother's Day with a good meal.

At Port City Cafe in Biloxi, families gathered during the early-morning hours, eager to start off their day with the most important meal -- breakfast.

"I wanna tell my mommy that I love her," said little Carson. "Because she's special."

Carson and his sister Leah worked very hard on special cards for their mom on this Mother's Day. The two visited their grandfather and owner of Port City Cafe, Ernest Ulrich.

"And if she's watching right now, what do you want to tell her," asked WLOX reporter Taren Reed.

Leah said, "That's me on TV and I love you."

It's a holiday that brings in a lot of business for the small eatery, which has long been a part of Biloxi.

"Mother's Day is one of our busiest days of the years," Ulrich said. "We go through a lot of omelets. Go through a lot of pancakes, a lot of french toast. Our biggest seller is probably our breakfast platter where you get your eggs and choice of meat, hash browns, grits, biscuit, toast."

Ernest McGee and his family from Georgia made a pit stop at Port City Cafe for Mother's Day, too.

"We're just going to have breakfast and we're leaving this evening and heading home," he said.

His wife and daughter, also a mom, enjoyed a breakfast alongside family. It's a day to officially honor the mom in your life...

Ulrich said, "I love my mom. They bring you into the world and so it's time for us to treat them special."

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