Large group voices concerns over Long Beach overlay district plan

Large group voices concerns over Long Beach overlay district plan
Long Beach residents went to the planning commission meeting to voice their opinion on a new proposal. (Photo Source: WLOX)

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - The debate over a plan to spur development continues in Long Beach.

A big group of residents showed up at Thursday's planning commission meeting to show their disapproval of a proposal to create an overlay district in areas currently zoned residential.

City leaders say it would be a way to attract development on vacant lots.

People living in the area between the railroad tracks and the beach spoke out, saying businesses shouldn't be able to set up shop in residential neighborhoods.

"There are many parcels of real estate that are zoned commercial and that's fine," said resident Cheryl Gascon. "We don't need any more commercial, what is already there has not even been built on, so why appropriate more for commercial."

The planning commission took an item off the agenda, which would have defined the overlay district on a map.

Planning Commission member Jeff Hansen asked for the public's continued input. "Rather than everybody be against it and I understand why from your comments you would be against it, but we need help and then we work through it and try to find what fits best for our community," Hansen said.

Following a lengthy public comment, the commission took no action and said the issue would go back to a workshop session.

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