Jackson County boy heads to Disney World thanks to Make a Wish

Jackson County boy heads to Disney World thanks to Make a Wish
Serenity Boss of D'Iberville greets Joni Todd, whose son, Kellan, has had the same disease and operation as Serenity.

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - A Jackson County boy with a very rare seizure disorder is headed to Disney World, and it's all thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Kellan Todd developed Rasmussen Encephalitis two years ago, racking him with constant seizures. The only way to stop them was surgery that shut down the right side of his brain.

South's Mississippi Make a Wish Foundation decided to step in and help him and his family take a much-needed break.

“We are so happy that he gets to experience this Make-A-Wish,” said his mother Joni Todd. “It’s gotten us through a lot of doctor’s appointments, hospital visits just thinking about going and now, we actually get to go and it’s going to give us a lot of memories to come.”

Rasmussen Encephalitis affects one in five million people – mostly children. All this time, his family had no one who understood their difficult battle. Then, they met a D'Iberville teen with the same condition.

“I had to be here,” said Serenity Boss of D’Iberville. “I just had to be here. I canceled my plans. As bad as that sounds, but I just had to meet this little boy. He lives in Mississippi and it was just destined for me to meet him.”

Serenity also thought she was alone. At 12, she developed Rasmussen Encephalitis and had the diseased left side of her brain disconnected.

“I think it’s so amazing that they found it early on because his brain is still growing so he can get more movement back," she said.

While Kellan is growing, so is she. At 19, she’s about to receive her diploma from D’Iberville High School. Next step, college.

“I’m thinking psychology or maybe neurology,” she said, “Because what I’ve been through, it’s made me like get really into the brain and I’m so fascinated in what it does.”

Serenity saw Kellan's story on WLOX News Now and reached out to his family, forming a close connection.

“I think he has a better outcome and I’m so grateful to meet him,” Serenity said. “I think he’ll do so great, and just hope he overcomes his struggles in life...I can’t wait to see what he does.”

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