Biloxi trucker trying to reunite with pets after bad wreck in MO

Biloxi trucker trying to reunite with pets after bad wreck in MO
James with one of his dogs. (Photo source: WLOX News)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Last Friday was a catastrophic detour for the cattle being carried in a trailer through Missouri. Biloxi couple, James and Stacie McGilvary, were driving a truck pulling a trailer with 59 head of cattle when their truck overturned. Some of the cattle died, others had to be captured, traffic was backed up, but the terrible chain of events didn't stop there for the couple.

Cattle ran all over I-49 in Harrisonville, Missouri Friday morning after over 59 head of cattle being delivered from Loxley Alabama to Nebraska were in a trailer that overturned. James McGilvary was the man behind the wheel.

"There was a white pick-up truck. [It] kept playing with me. He hit his breaks in front of me. One time I backed off, and then another time I got up behind him, backed off a little bit, and he kept playing with his brakes," said James.

While trying to pass the white pickup, James said the driver of the white truck sped up and got back in front of him and started breaking.

"I swerved to miss him and lost control of the truck, and I laid the truck off," James recalled.

But James wasn't alone. His wife Stacie was also in the truck along with their two beloved dogs Princess and Muffin.

"The next thing I know I get up to get ready to go up front to sit with him, and it's happening. The wreck. It happened so fast, but therefore in slow motion," said Stacie.

First responders helped to pull the couple and their pets out of this truck.

"Road rash right there when my arm went out the window," said James about one of his injuries.

James was hospitalized for his injuries to his head and ribs, and their loyal pets were picked up by the Harrisonville Animal Shelter. After James was released from the hospital Stacie and James said they had to find a ride back home to South Mississippi. That ride came Sunday, but the shelter was closed forcing them to leave the pets behind.

"They were like my children. I cry. That's the only thing I cry over them. Because I wonder what are they thinking. Because they had serious issues with us. If he stepped out of the truck, they cried. If I stepped out of the truck, they cried," said Stacie.

James said the driver of the white truck never stopped. We're told the wreck killed 17 animals in the trailer. Consequently, James was let go from his job. With no money and no job, he's asking for the public's help in helping him get his two dogs Princess and Muffin from the Harrisonville Animal Shelter in Missouri. If you are interested in helping the two dogs reunite with their owners call James at 601-466-7752.

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