Police officer bikes from Baton Rouge to D.C. to "Back the Blue"

Police officer bikes from Baton Rouge to D.C. to "Back the Blue"
Officer Deena Weissberg, Baton Rouge police and Mississippi Highway Patrol. Weissberg is biking from Baton Rouge to Washington D.C. for National Police Week. (Photo Source: WLOX)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The journey from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Washington D.C. may be a long one, but one dedicated police officer from Baton Rouge is up for the challenge.

Officer Deena Weissberg hopes to make it to Washington D.C. by May 13, just in time for the 37th Annual National Peace Officers' Memorial Service. After the first leg of her trip, she stopped for a rest in Gulfport on Monday afternoon.

She is taking the 1,500 mile trip to the nation's capitol not by plane or car, but bicycle, all to honor the hard work put in by law enforcement every day.

"We call it the Honor Ride because I wanted to do something that was going to honor those that have made such a sacrifice to do this job, but then it's two-fold. you know, those of us that are police officers, we're honored to have this job," said Weissberg proudly.

Weissberg launched the Honor Ride as a fundraiser towards Back the Blue of Baton Rouge, a charity that benefits law enforcement in the area.

She described, "Whether it be the families of fallen officers, gravely injured, it could be an officer that has a child that has medical bills, really any officer in need."

As a police officer for 8 years so far, she said always knew she that this job was her perfect fit.

"I served 5 years active duty in the Marine Corps, and when I got out, I was going to college," she recalled. "I started tossing around the idea of different jobs and none of them felt right. It's like I didn't have a choice, this is what I was always meant to do."

Mississippi Highway Patrol helped to escort Weissburg as she traveled along Highway 90. The commitment is apparent as she continues her journey along the coast in remembrance of those that have served.

National Police Week is observed from May 13-May 19 and is celebrated through a series of events in Washington D.C. The annual draws in up to 40,000 attendees each year from departments all over the U.S., as well as several international agencies.

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