George County creates text initiative to stop bullying

George County creates text initiative to stop bullying
Billboard in Lucedale on the new One Voice text program to end bullying. (photo source: WLOX)

LUCEDALE, MS (WLOX) - Students in George County now have the resources to report bullying anonymously.

Monday marked the first day of One Voice. Leaders mirrored it after Mobile County's BullyBlocker program.

"Bullying, of course middle school, we deal with it on a regular basis," said George County Middle School Principal Julie Miller.

"Education can solve a lot of our problems and bullying and cyberbullying prevents children from getting that education. And we don't want to see a tragic result here in George County," added District Attorney Tony Lawrence.

It's a collaboration between the school district, the district attorney and the city of Lucedale. Lucedale Mayor Darwin Nelson said, "We want to protect the kids in our community and this is a great way to do it. It's 2018 so we've got to solve our 2018 problems with 2018 technology."

Just text 'One Voice' to (601) 300-6636. Select A, B or C based on the type of help you need. You'll be then asked to enter your first and last name.

If you don't want to do that, just send a blank text. Enter the name of your school and you'll get a link to fill out more information.

"It's not only about bullying. It's about domestic violence. Anything that's happening in the community, they can report any of that," said George County School District Superintendent Pam Touchard.

Teachers walked the halls Monday, stopping in classrooms and handing out flyers, explaining to the students what this new initiative is and how they can anonymously make a report.

Schools are also continuing their education on bullying and its definition to be sure only real cases are being reported.

"It's an amazing opportunity that we have to take a stand here in our community because our community is one of the best places that you'll ever live," said HR Director Maria Clanton.

You can also submit tips online at the school district's website, and also online at the City of Lucedale and the DA's office. Remember, you can remain anonymous.

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