Gulf Park Estates residents discuss concerns with Jackson Co. sheriff

Gulf Park Estates residents discuss concerns with Jackson Co. sheriff
Residents in Gulf Park Estates met with Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell on Friday to discuss issues in their community. (Source: WLOX)

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell is now aware of a number of issues and concerns in Gulf Park Estates after residents came out to meet with him on Friday.

The meeting provided an opportunity for residents in that area to talk one-on-one with the sheriff about the things that are happening in their community. Among the issues discussed included drainage, infrastructure improvements, and crime.

The area, which is located south of Old Spanish Trail in between Gautier and Ocean Springs, has more than 13,000 residents. One of those residents is Kenny Webb, who has seen firsthand how much the community has grown over the years and how that growth has led to an increase in crime.

"They came in and robbed my house and got my briefcase I had," said Webb while discussing one specific incident. "That's the first time I've ever been robbed in my life."

Down the road, Randy Hopkins has seen many unfamiliar faces in his neck of the woods. He says with growth, comes the potential for crimes like trespassing and vandalism to name a few.

"You're going to have it no matter where you go," Hopkins said. "I mean, people move out, new people come in, they bring their issues with them and it just spreads."

The sheriff said meeting with residents throughout the county gives him the chance to be more knowledgeable about the issues that are happening and to help keep any crime from getting out of control or spreading. It also gives residents a way to stay involved in their communities, he said.

"There's just so many things going on when you have a growth spurt like we seem to have going on here," said Sheriff Ezell. "Coming out and trying to talk and iron out some of these things and try to have some better communication, that always helps."

To discuss issues in your own neighborhood with the sheriff, you can contact Jackson County Sheriff's Office at 228-769-3063.

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