Students lead fundraising effort for suicide awareness and prevention

Students lead fundraising effort for suicide awareness and prevention

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi High Senior Moses Feagin and his fellow students recognized that teen suicide is a real concern. So he and several clubs joined together for a big-time fundraiser, with all proceeds going to help suicide prevention and awareness.

Feagin is counting up the tickets to the Biloxi High School Charity Gala, Friday night's event that sheds light on teen suicide.

"You hear stories all the time," Feagin said. "I've heard stories from family and from friends about people who've done terrible acts to hurt themselves and it's just really affected me, and it just hurt me in my heart, and I wanted to do something to be able to help them."

Feagin, who serves as Biloxi High's National Honor Society president, got together with his classmates and other club leaders to put together a first-class gala to raise money and awareness for suicide prevention.

"This is something that needs to be spreading the light and it needs to be up there because it's a hard subject to talk about," Feagin added. "We just really wanted to get the word out there that people have knowledge and know about it."

Marcus Boudreaux, Principal of Biloxi High, says this event is student-led right down to the printing of the tickets.

"The fact is that they put it together right," Boudreaux said. "They worked through the right people to put this together and again, Moses and the students have been the ones going out into the community and trying to get together the resources."

Some of those resources include selling tickets and getting silent auction items, like a flashy drum cymbal signed by all the members of the Zac Brown Band.

"It's going be a really fun time," Feagin said. "We're going to have a jazz band, a silent auction and food. It's gonna be amazing."

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