Single dad appeals to future nanny with a post about a kitchen mixer

Single dad appeals to future nanny with a post about a kitchen mixer
A post made by Bryan Martin of St. Martin is getting attention on Facebook for its honest and lyrical job advertisement. (Source: Facebook)

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - What appears to be a post on Facebook selling a kitchen mixer is getting quite a bit of attention in South Mississippi. You see, the mixer is only part of the post, which is actually a lengthily worded advertisement posted by a single dad in St. Martin looking to hire a nanny.

Brian Martin posted on the For Sale in South Mississippi Facebook page Wednesday, posing for a picture alongside his fancy silver KitchenAid Pro 600. But it was what he wrote in the description that has people sharing the post.

Martin describes himself as "the man with the fake smile and questionably hipster purple shirt standing awkwardly behind the KitchenAid mixer." He then goes on to offer the mixer for free to anyone who can help him solve the real issue -- his need for a part-time nanny for his four kids.

He jokingly writes that he is the "father of enough children that I've stopped trying to remember names," and goes on to talk about his childcare woes.

The Coast native goes on to detail the job description for anyone interested in applying. He also lets people in on what really happens behind the walls of his home: show tunes, pizza, and an intoxicated neighbor friend who sounds like an absolute gem!

You can read his post in full below: