New app offers grocery delivery in Gulfport and Biloxi

New app offers grocery delivery in Gulfport and Biloxi

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Getting groceries is about to get much easier for shoppers. Thursday morning, the Shipt app will launch in Biloxi and Gulfport. The app will deliver purchases from Rouses and Target to customers in as little as an hour. Some say they are excited about Shipt while others say they prefer to head in-store to pick out certain items.

Eddie Champagne enjoys his time with his granddaughter while shopping for dinner. But time spent at the grocery store could be few and far between if he downloads the new Shipt app. It allows you to order groceries or home essentials from either Rouses or Target, and a Shipt shopper will quickly bring it to your front door.

"It would be beneficial to me because sometimes you come in the grocery store, and it's very busy, and that would take some of that business out, but yet not hurt the store," said Champagne.

Though Champagne said there are certain items he can't let someone else pick out.

"I'm funny about potatoes and maybe lemons, and just like I bought some asparagus before they go off sale, I like to examine the ends and all," said Champagne.

Tammy Avery is shopping for some ingredients to cook a meal for her grandson. She said having someone else do this would leave her with more time in the day to finish other items on her to do list.

"I don't like grocery shopping for one. For two, when you got kids, and I have two older boys. So, I am busy. I'm a busy parent. I just don't like grocery shopping," said Avery.

"You have elderly parents. You can go online and do the shopping for them, and we have it delivered right to their home. It's all produce, dairy, meat. It's all on the order form, seafood. You order, and we deliver," said Rouses Store Director Robert Strahan.

The service provides an annual membership for 99 dollars. With that, you get free unlimited delivery for orders over 35 dollars. In addition to shopping for food and home essentials, shoppers can also purchase electronics, toys and other products from Target.

"Less walking around shopping time, less time waiting in line. Five o'clock traffic trying to get in and out trying to cook for the family. It should delay a lot of that stuff," said Edward Galloway.

Shipt is offering a discount on its annual membership of $50 before Thursday morning's launch. Just download the app, and sign up.

To learn more about becoming a Shipt shopper click here.

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