Harrison Co. deputy fired after department reviews controversial video

Harrison Co. deputy fired after department reviews controversial video
A still image from a Facebook video of Harrison County deputies put an inmate in a transport van. (Photo Source: Facebook)

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A deputy has been fired from the Harrison County Sheriff's Department after he was found to have violated department policies and procedures, officials say.

The termination was announced after the Sheriff's Department held an administrative hearing on Thursday, April 26.

Previously, the deputy was placed on administrative leave after a controversial video surfaced on Facebook and the Sheriff's Department received complaints of alleged excessive force by law enforcement.

An internal investigation was launched on Tuesday, April 24. It revealed that the inmate was removed from one jail transport van and placed into another van after causing a disruption with other inmates. Reports say an argument sparked between a deputy and the inmate while the move was taking place.

As noted in the official statement by the Harrison County Sheriff's Department,"The deputy was required to use force to place the inmate in the transport vehicle to return him to the Harrison County Adult Detention Center."

On Monday, a 15-second video was uploaded to social media, showing the inmate jumping onto the bumper and leaning back before one of the deputies pushed him into the van. Sheriff Troy Peterson said security video from the courthouse was also reviewed as part of the investigation.

Watch the video in question below:

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