Economic developments could be coming to East Biloxi

Economic developments could be coming to East Biloxi
Community members are trying to attract new business to east biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - One of the new developments in East Biloxi is trying to convince businesses to develop in East Biloxi.

Potential developers from the community attended a town hall on Tuesday to get an idea of where to get started.

"The east side of Biloxi is more of an economically depressed area, and it has been considered and it is considered to be an opportunity zone. Now three-fourths of the east side is considered to be an opportunity zone," said Carl Campbell, with the Biloxi NAACP.

Despite the many hardships that East Biloxi has faced in the last decade, there are some who believe it is a sprawling area that is begging for new attractions.

Campbell says one of the main factors that keeps minorities from owning and developing in their communities is they haven't learned how to make their businesses profitable enough to exist.

"And so the economic development, the economic committee, and the banks, and the lending institutions are trying to help them. And at the incubation center, which is where we have a lot of businesses there as bring those businesses to a full, stronger, more vibrant opportunity to meet the public's need in order for them to exist in the community," said Campbell.

But as much as community members want new businesses to open up shop, they see the seemingly never-ending infrastructure work as a roadblock to that economic development.

Pastor James Black, has been involved in many business dealings in East Biloxi for decades now. He says the cones and bumpy streets are a major turn-off for new developers.

"The project that has been going on for three years has definitely hampered business from coming to the community. As a matter fact, some have closed down, and it's been a great loss of revenue in the area, and so I think the re-development at some point will help, but for right now people do not want to invest money in an area that you can get customers," said Black.

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