Propane tank bursts into flames as part of fire training exercise

Propane tank bursts into flames as part of fire training exercise

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - If you spotted flames in Gautier Tuesday night, fire crews were training on a type of gas known as liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG. It's something you can easily detect in your home.

Jackson County firefighters were split up into two crews for the training.

"Anytime you can get them in their gear and to see fire, they're all about it," said Nick Rivera, Jackson County Fire Lieutenant. It's gas that will liquify when compressed such as propane-butane."

That's right propane. The same kind you find in a major appliance or even a grill out back.

Rivera said, "Ovens, water heaters, sometimes even their dryers or furnaces."

When a pressure tank containing LPG is impacted by fire, a violent explosion occurs.

Tuesday night was part two of training. Crews had already taken a class on LPG, its characteristics, and how to properly extinguish it. Each crew got three rounds at the tank. Each time, walking a little closer to the flames. It's an organized march. A march of safety, so that in a real propane tank fire, they know exactly what to do.

They inject something into propane called mercaptan. You'll recognize it because it smells like sulfur.

Jackson County participates in a training like this every other year. It's hosted by the Mississippi Fire Academy.

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