Pier Walk remembers loved ones, celebrates Earth Day

Pier Walk remembers loved ones, celebrates Earth Day
Dozens came out to donate (Source: WLOX)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Mother Nature joined in on a Earth Day celebration at Ken Combs Pier on Sunday.

The rainy start to the day didn't stop people from coming out to donate canned goods during the Earth Day Pier Walk.

"It's wonderful. They're doing a great job. Especially in such adverse conditions, its a little challenging but they seem to be sticking in there,"  said Carl Chosa, who made a donation.

"It's pretty cold, and wet, but it feels good helping people and stuff," said volunteer Noah Dimitriades.

The son of the late Ken Combs Sr. organizes the walk as a way to remember his father, a former Gulfport mayor, every year on his birthday. "My family and I decided to create an event that would honor all loved ones who have passed, and also help others in the same process," said Ken Combs Jr.

The donations will benefit Feed My Sheep food pantry to keep their shelves stocked.

"During the holidays, mainly Christmas and Thanksgiving, the soup kitchens all around the Coast, they receive a lot of donations but then they kind of tail off after that," said Combs.

Plants were also given away in celebration of Earth Day.

"I decided, the kids, they're home, decided to donate some good stuff...come out here and see what we can see on some plants, and possibly turn into a garden," said Tina Smith, who came out to donate.

The event gave people a chance to plant a seed that can blossom into something so much more. "Cause you're helping someone else, but actually you're blessing so many others, and you're going to bless yourself. Its like a circle. A circle of life," Smith said.

The canned goods reached from pier to parking lot, a demonstration of the effort to reach those in need. "What better way to honor the memory of a loved one than by helping others?" Combs said.

Those who didn't make it out to the pier walk can make a donation directly to Feed My Sheep.

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