Free class teaches women to protect themselves

Free class teaches women to protect themselves

An alarming number of women are physically attacked each year, whether by a stranger or by someone known to the victim. A free class happening Thursday in Jackson County is hoping to help those women turn the tables on their attackers.

The self-defense class, which is appropriately titled "Fight Like a Girl," will teach women how to deflect physical attacks. It will also provide tips on being more aware of their surroundings and different ways to stay safe while in different situations.

The class is taught by Tony Lillis, an Aikido instructor, and is free to anyone who wants to join. It's happening Thursday from 1-3 p.m. at East Central Public Library, which is located at 21801 Slider Road in Hurley. For more details on the class, call the library at 228-588-6263.

For more information on how women can protect themselves, as well as some other classes happening on the coast, make sure to tune in to WLOX tonight at 10 p.m. for a special report from our own Taren Reed.

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