Long Beach resident wants city to take accountability for flooding

Long Beach resident wants city to take accountability for flooding
Long Beach resident says city is neglecting overburdened culvert

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - City leaders in Long Beach are working on a solution to a flooding problem that causes many people's homes to flood every time there is heavy rain in their areas.

Brandie Brewer is one of those residents who prepares for the worst every time it rains heavily in Long Beach.

"Severe flooding, I have water coming up to my door," Brewer said. "Not only that, all the water flows across the street to my neighbors and it's just, it's a nightmare."

Brewer has lived on Shalimar Drive for seven years and says this has been an issue the whole time. She says she's spoken to the city about the issue.

"They send mowers out, but it's not the mowing I need," she said. "I need this cleaned. The culvert is probably two to three feet under debris."

Brandie's mom Sonya says the yard floods so bad with debris, they have to open their gate so it has somewhere to flow. Brandie's concern is more for her kids than anything.

"I've had issues with the snakes, rats," said Brewer. "It's not safe for my kids to be back here. I have to get out here and do as much as I can until the city can come out and dig. It needs to be dug up."

She just wants better communication from the city.

"You know, I look at it to where I've showed them, and I just waited and waited and waited and nothing was ever done," said Brewer.

City spokesperson Jenny Levens says the city commissioned a drainage study that showed it would cost $24 million to replace the infrastructure citywide with a private company. At this week's board of aldermen meeting, the board approved the city to look into how much it would cost to replace problem areas using its utility partners.

Levens says the city will also be surveying easements and ditches to see if residents have been building across their property lines. If the city finds any unwarranted structures on city easements, those structures will be removed to reduce strain on culverts and ditches.

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