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Things you need to know about filing MS income tax


April 17, 2018, is Tax Day in the U.S. This is the last day for American citizens to submit tax returns to the federal government. Katie Lawson with the Mississippi Department of Revenue shared some things you need to know about filing Mississippi income tax.

  • It will take 4-6 weeks to receive a tax refund after it is filed.
  • More than 90 percent of returns are filed electronically.
  • Mississippi expects 1.2 million returns to be filed this year.
  • 941,000 refunds have been received so far.
  • 125,000 Mississippians will file today.
  • 135,000 residents are expected to ask for an extension to file their returns.
  • There’s NOT an extension to pay any taxes owed.
  • The average MS refund is $429.
  • The state has already issued 575,000 refunds equaling $246 million so far.
  • The anticipated refunds this year total $380 million.

You can check on your refund status online or by calling 601-923-7801. You will need your SSN or Tax ID along with the amount of refund you’re expecting.

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