16 year-old considers himself lucky to be alive after Saturday's tornado

16 year-old considers himself lucky to be alive after Saturday's tornado
Alex Kirk looks at the damage to his car after a tornado (Source: WLOX)

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - "What I thought was, 'don't die.'"

Sixteen year old Alex Kirk, from Vancleave, recalls the frightening moments he spent in his car while a strong EF-1 tornado spun around him in St Martin on Saturday.

He was heading to a storage unit on Lemoyne Blvd. after coming from a community service project when his day took a horrific turn.

"All of a sudden, a strong wind out of nowhere hits my car, I look up and a brown spiral thing hits my car and I look to my left and my window is shattered and I put my head between my legs and tried to take cover," said Kirk.

He says when he felt his Nissan Versa begin to lift off the ground, he put in park and pulled the emergency brake.

"You can't do much in a tornado, it happens to you especially when you can't move because your car is so light that it can just take you off the ground when you move," Kirk explained.

That tornado caused heavy damage to the strip mall that Kirk was in front of. Store managers and employees spent Monday cleaning up glass and surveying the damage. He says he's relieved that he wasn't hurt.

"I think God saved me. This glass [window] barely saved me," said Kirk.

What happens now? His parents are planning on getting the left side repainted and the windows fixed.

"I'm getting better. It hurt me a little on the inside but I'm getting better from it," said Kirk.

This is his first car and like all first cars, it's full of memories,only not many people can say that they survived a tornado in the their first car.

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