Gulfport church cleans up after Saturday's floods

Gulfport church cleans up after Saturday's floods
The church had to rip up the carpet in the sanctuary (Source: WLOX)
At least 5 inches flooded the inside of the sanctuary (Photo Source: WLOX)
At least 5 inches flooded the inside of the sanctuary (Photo Source: WLOX)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Members of a Gulfport church left their Sunday's best at home Sunday morning.

Instead, they showed up ready to work and clean up the mess flood waters left behind at Kenwood Baptist Church. The church went underwater during Saturday's heavy rain.

"What were your thoughts when you saw it? My lord. I actually was one of the first ones here and I got to the road and I was thinking I know where the ditch is at and the whole parking lot had two feet of water in that section, so when I stepped in I was waist deep in water," said JP Moreaux, the church assistant pastor.

At least five to six inches of water flooded the sanctuary, damaging the floor and walls. It's a familiar sight.

"It seems to be flooding more and more frequently. It's even been a few times in the last few years so where it never used to flood now it is," said pastor Ryan Moreaux.

Pastor Moreaux says the problem is a nearby ditch. He says he's talked with city leaders about a solution, but so far, nothing has been done.

"We're looking at maybe what the city can do to help us, or maybe even buy the land out so we can move somewhere else. Possibly." he said.

It's an overwhelming situation, but even more overwhelming is the support. The congregation quickly went in to action and came out to help.

"It's a miracle in our mess, so everybody worked together. I'm looking at the miracle right now because I'm looking at all these people who are coming together to work together," said Moreaux.

A flood of support kept spirits high.

"We give all the praise and honor to the glory of God and giving thanks in everything, and not just in the good things but everything we want to give thanks in everything. And rejoice always, the bible says rejoice evermore," said Barry Oaks, church music minister.

The church plans to continue having service next Sunday.

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