Unbelievable Stories of Survival

Posted by Diana Eva Maldonado - KGBT 4 - Harlingen, Texas

Amidst the rubble, the floodwaters and the carnage are stories of survival.

Emergency and rescue crews say on Monday they found a 70-year old woman in the attic of her home.

The powerful storm surge had washed out her home from underneath her, but some how the home stood so she could be rescued.

They found a young couple who's apartment complex collapsed. The young man and woman managed to walk away from the rubble.

Then there is the story of the elderly 80-year old man who was buried under 12 feet of debris. When rescuers removed the pile of mangled mess they found him extremely dehydrated, but otherwise physically unhurt.

Emergency crews say they have found some children, but most of those found alive are adults. Crews are using dogs to help them search for survivors.

They are asking everyone to stay away from the railroad tracks that run along the coast. They say everything south of the tracks is in a state of catastrophe.