228 Area Code Not Working, Portable Toilets Arrive

Posted by Diana Eva Maldonado - KGBT 4 - Harlingen, Texas

Emergency officials in Biloxi and Gulfport says the 228 area code is still out of service and they're not certain when it will be back and operational.

They know loved ones trying to call relatives who live in the 228 area code are frustrated their calls do not go through, but they say crews are working to restore telephone service.

While calls can't be made to the area, officials want to keep truckers out of the vicinity.

They are asking all truck drivers to stay out of the southern Mississippi area unless they are working in an emergency capacity.

Many truckers have volunteered to help in the region, but there are no hotel rooms available for them.

One thing that is now available are port-o-potties.

2,500 portable toilets were delivered to Harrison County on Thursday. Officials are working to have many more delivered and to find crews to service them.