Heavy rain causes issues in West Harrison County

Heavy rain causes issues in West Harrison County

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - When a large amount of rain falls in a short amount of time, you get issues like the ones folks across parts of West Harrison County endured Saturday. The heavy rain caused accidents, flooded roadways, and a lot of problems for everyone involved.

In areas of Gulfport off of Dedeaux Road, standing water made getting into Lauren Heights a challenge.

At Creosote Road and Taylor Boulevard, a Chevy Camaro ran off the road and got stuck in a ditch. Fortunately, the driver wasn't injured.

"I turned to dodge a water pocket in one place, and I ended up going in another water pocket," said the Camaro's driver Trey Irving. "It's pretty bad. Pretty bad weather."

In Long Beach and Pass Christian, the second wave of nasty weather brought heavy wind and rain and turned Menge Avenue into a tough adventure for drivers.

Off Espy Avenue, Robin Rafferty and his neighbor across the street fought a losing battle as rainwater clogged the drains, and cars turned floodwaters into boat wake.

"The neighbor across the street came out and tried to clear the drain," said Rafferty. "It became futile. What's been so bad is the people driving through here constantly and the wave action."

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