Racist flyers considered a "personal death threat" to local NAACP president

Racist flyers considered a "personal death threat" to local NAACP president

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Jackson County NAACP president Curley Clark is calling dozens of racist flyers distributed in Ocean Springs early Friday a "personal death threat" after the flyers referenced him by name.

The neon flyers, which were addressed to "all white people of Ocean Springs," were found scattered throughout at least one area of the city near Holcomb Boulevard, stuck to people's homes, mailboxes, vehicles, and scattered across lawns.

The flyers reference Jackson County NAACP president Curley Clark, saying how historical monuments will be taken down because of diversity and the names of local parks will be changed to the "Curly Clark Park."

Clark is taking the action as a personal attack.

" I think it was a personal death threat to me individually and a safety issue for the residence and non-whites of Ocean Springs and visitors of Ocean Springs," he said.

The anonymous author of the flyer states there is an effort underway to end the white race and the group leading the charge is the diversity crowd.

" I believe in diversity and inclusion and I don't believe in any type of supremacy, white supremacy or black supremacy. I believe that people are people and eventually love is going to conquer hate," said Clark.

Going into detail, the author explains how the diversity crowd will go about making sure white people no longer exist stating it will happen through interbreeding.

"I'm gonna live my life and I choose to live in Ocean Springs. So whatever they want to bring they just have to bring it, but Ocean Springs is not a place like that," said one resident. "I've been here over 20 years and for a black man to say any part of Mississippi is good that's kind of strange, but I love Mississippi. I live here."

Curley is calling the flyer hate propaganda meant to incite division in the city. He said he has reported the flyer to the Jackson County Sheriff's Department. He believes the fight to take down the state flag in Ocean Springs is what gave the mastermind of the flyer the idea to spread the message.

Ocean Springs United is a community-based group made up of residents whose aim is to promote justice and safety. They also responded to the flyers, saying in a statement sent to WLOX, "Our state flag is emblematic of the hate and vitriol in those flyers. We, as a community, cannot stand in agreement with racists. Criticizing the message and sharing its symbol is hypocritical. Take the flag down."

Mayor Shea Dobson also condemned the flyers, calling its creators "racist cowards." He's asking anyone with surveillance cameras to check them and see if you spot the people who delivered the flyers and report what you see to police.

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