Spring breakers ready to party on the coast this weekend

Spring breakers ready to party on the coast this weekend

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Spring breakers from across the country rolled into South Mississippi Friday, ready to kick off a weekend of fun on the beach. As the sun set, the party on Highway 90 got underway, with people dancing and snapping pictures and enjoying their holiday.

With a full lineup of events planned by different organizers, spring breakers were out Friday night, enjoying the nice weather while it lasts.

"Tonight, it's a million things to do," said Bob Marley, who is visiting from Dallas. "My wife is in the room, I'm just gonna have a good time."

As dark fell at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, the party was just beginning, with hundreds of people attending the official Black Beach Weekend's Twerk Fest 5.

"Man, I'm just having fun and meeting new people, looking at all of the beautiful ladies," said Terrel Moore, a spring breaker from Mississippi.  "I'm a single man so I just want to party and maybe check out a club, maybe I won't but I just came to check out the environment because all I do is work all the time."

"We are enjoying the spring break festivities. We're having a great time," said Marley. "The weather is beautiful, the women are beautiful, just having a great time."

On Saturday night, the colorful and lively crowd at the Coliseum will more than double in size for Gulf Coast Spring Fest, which is the big concert featuring some of rap and hip hop's most well-known artists, including Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz and more.

The most popular spot for spring breakers to congregate runs down Highway 90 from Edgewater Mall to the Coliseum.

"I believe that everybody is gonna be on the strip, because it's a lot of people scared that the beach will shut down because they have the barricades and stuff," said Moore.

Another place many spring breakers told us they plan on being this weekend - the clubs. Nightclubs all across Biloxi and Gulfport are hosting spring break parties and events throughout the weekend.

While severe weather concerns remain a threat, nearly all of the spring breakers WLOX talked to said thunderstorms won't put a damper on their fun. 

"Everybody is in their own zone and having fun. They spread rumors about the police tripping, they're not tripping unless you're doing some crazy stuff," added Moore.

For a list of where to find some of those spring break parties, check out the Mississippi Gulf Coast Spring Break Facebook event page at the event's website.

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