11-year-old Julie Segroves of Lanier's Gymnastics is vaulting up the national ladder of success

11-year-old Julie Segroves of Lanier's Gymnastics is vaulting up the national ladder of success

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - 11-year-old Julie Segroves of D'Iberville began her gymnastics journey at the age of 4. She quickly displayed ability and has grown by leaps and bounds over the past seven years.

Julie said, "I just recently did the State Meet and it was probably one of the best meets I've done.  I had my highest bar score.  It was a pretty good meet."

You bet it was a pretty good meet.  Lanier's Gymnastics owner and coach Cindy Wallace says it was a super meet for Segroves.

" She did win the all-around State Championship in all-four events, "said Wallace.  "She really doesn't have a weak event.  She has accomplished a lot on all four events."

So how did this little bubbly 11-year-old jump full-speed ahead in the field of gymnastics?

"' My dad said he saw I had the ability to do gymnastics because I would always flip around and jump on the bed., "said Segroves.  "And so he decided to put me into gymnastics."

Jim Segroves says he recognized that his daughter had athletic ability and once she leaped into gymnastics he says he gave Julie valuable advice.

" I was an athlete and a football player, said Segroves.  "I just tried to instill the values of athletics and workmanship and having to work hard to try to earn your goals and set goals and just the general attitude of how to be an athlete."

That attitude instilled by her dad has Julie setting some big goals down the road.

She said, "My true goal is to go to the Olympics in 2024.  But if that doesn't really happen, I would like to go to college."

That Olympic dream was enhanced after watching the 2016 Olympics.

Segroves said, "The first person I admired was Gabby Douglass.  I would watch her in the Olympics and I would be like...man I want to be there some day.  But I will have to keep practicing hard and working to get there."

Julie Segroves trains four hours each night Monday through Wednesday and two hours and 45 minutes on Friday.  That's dedication.

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