Spring Break vendors enjoying business along the beach

Spring Break vendors enjoying business along the beach

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - As expected, the spring break crowds grew Friday. Several spring break vendors who set up shop along Highway 90 say this is one of their favorite events to attend for business and fun.

During Spring Break, there's always plenty of grilling, cooking, and beverages to go around. Vendors are hoping to stir up some business this weekend.

"You got different vendors doing different things," said Willie Keyes. "We do what we do. They do what they do."

A few tents down, Donovan Charles and his friends are doing their thing with his Island Delights drink tent.

"We have all types of different island drinks. One of our top flavors is the Bob Marley, with strawberry, mango, and lime,' Charles said. It's going like hotcakes."

The drinks were also flowing at Robin Mac's Caribbean Passion Tent.

"We kind of like the environment," Mac said. "Everything that's positive going on, we like to get our business out there."

Next door, it's Aloha Glamor, an online store based in Gulfport that's getting the word out in person to the Spring Break crowd.

"We just wanted to come out and show everybody on the Gulf Coast we do have some small businesses around here that you can come out to support," Williams said.

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