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Tarantula on a burger? Tarantula on a burger.

(RNN) - Somewhere, some place, there are people who look at the cheese on their burger and think, "It's not bad, but I'd rather have a venomous creature instead."

There is a restaurant catering to those people.

Bull City Burger in Durham, NC, is celebrating "Exotic Meat Month" - their creation - by offering a tarantula burger. It's like a normal burger, but with a tarantula.

"People say it tastes most like crab, or other shellfish, sometimes with a bit of a metallic-y taste. BUT, the legs, the body...each bite tastes a bit different," Bull City tweeted. "Best way to answer that question? Try one for yourself!"

And you get a Tarantula Challenge T-shirt.

There is an apparent demand, too. The restaurant has a raffle it uses to select the so-called winner of the burger, and it announces the so-called winner on its website and social media accounts daily.

Bull City states other meat combinations will be available through the month, ranging from the usual (turkey, duck) to the less usual (python, camel) to the Rocky Mountain oysters.

"Squirrel is the chicken of the tree," says their website ... and probably nobody else, ever.

Brilliant capturing of niche market or shameless attempt to get free promotion? It's not for one person to decide, but the answer is yes.

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