Gulfport Fire Chief accused of physical altercation

Gulfport Fire Chief accused of physical altercation

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The City of Gulfport is investigating an incident involving Fire Chief Mike Beyerstedt and an on-duty fire department personnel.

Three sources close to the fire department tell WLOX News that last Friday at the central fire station a discussion between Beyerstedt and another firefighter turned into a physical altercation.

Two of the sources said the altercation involved Beyerstedt head-butting an on-duty firefighter.

A press release from the city of Gulfport said earlier this week Gulfport's administration got a complaint from someone working in the fire department about an incident happening inside one of the fire stations.

Dr. John R. Kelly Chief Administrative Officer with the city of Gulfport released this statement:

Earlier this week, the city of Gulfport's Administration received a complaint from fire department personnel about an incident that allegedly occurred at one of the fire stations. The allegation concerned Chief Mike Beyerstedt and on-duty fire department personnel. Based upon the information received, the administration has initiated an administrative investigation of the matter. A police report was filed with the Gulfport Police Department regarding the incident. This matter is being handled as a personnel matter.

According to officials, a police report was filed regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The sources with knowledge of the incident said it has significantly hurt the morale of the department.

Right now, the city is handling the matter as a personnel matter.

We have reached out to Chief Beyerstedt for comment, but he has not responded yet.

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